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The anomaly of the ν1-resonance Raman band of β-carotene in solution and in photosystem I and II

Tschirner, N., Brose, K., Schenderlein, M., Zouni, A., Schlodder, E., Mroginski, M. A., Hildebrandt, P. and Thomsen, C.

physica status solidi (b) 246, 2790–2793. 2009

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Raman excitation profiles of beta-carotene - novel insights into the nature of the nu(1)-band

Tschirner, N., Schenderlein, M., Brose, K., Schlodder, E., Mroginski, M. A., Hildebrandt, P. and Thomsen, C.

Physica Status Solidi B-Basic Solid State Physics 245, 2225–2228. 2008

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Resonance Raman spectra of beta-carotene in solution and in photosystems revisited: an experimental and theoretical study

Tschirner, N., Schenderlein, M., Brose, K., Schlodder, E., Mroginski, M. A., Thomsen, C. and Hildebrandt, P.

Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 11, 11471-11478. 2009

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Characterization of two thermostable cyanobacterial phytochromes reveals global movements in the chromophore-binding domain during photoconversion

Ulijasz, A. T., Cornilescu, G., von Stetten, D., Kaminski, S., Mroginski, M. A., Zhang, J. R., Bhaya, D., Hildebrandt, P. and Vierstra, R. D.

Journal Of Biological Chemistry 283, 21251–21266. 2008

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Vibrational properties of InSe under pressure: Experiment and theory

Ulrich, C., Mroginski, M. A., Goni, A. R., Cantarero, A., Schwarz, U., Munoz, V. and Syassen, K.

Physica Status Solidi B-Basic Research 198, 121–127. 1996

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A Computational Modeling Approach Predicts Interaction of the Antifungal Protein AFP from Aspergillus giganteus with Fungal Membranes via Its gamma-Core Motif

Utesch, T., Catalina, A. d. M., Schattenberg, C., Paege, N., Schmieder, P., Krause, E., Miao, Y., McCammon, A., Meyer, V., Jung, S. and Mroginski, M. A.

MSPHERE 3 2018

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Gas diffusion in an O-2-tolerant membrane-bound [NiFe] hydrogenase

Utesch, T., Kalms, J., Schmidt, A., Frielingsdorf, S., Gotthard, G., von Stetten, D., van der Linden, P., Royant, A., Mroginski, M. A., Carpentier, P., Lenz, O. and Scheerer, P.


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Effect of the Protonation Degree of a Self-Assembled Monolayer on the Immobilization Dynamics of a [NiFe] Hydrogenase

Utesch, T., Millo, D., Castro, M. A., Hildebrandt, P., Zebger, I. and Mroginski, M. A.

Langmuir 29, 673-682. 2013

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Three-Dimensional Structural Model of Chicken Liver Sulfite Oxidase in its Activated Form

Utesch, T. and Mroginski, M. A.


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